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Entrepreneur Braxton Fleming Becomes the First Transgender Man to Pitch on Shark Tank

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Entrepreneur Braxton Fleming of Mays Landing, New Jersey has made history as the first openly transgender man to pitch his company on Shark Tank.

In season 14 of the show, Braxton pitched his luxury supply company Stealth Bros & Co., which provides stylish and convenient personal storage and disposal for medical necessities such as gender-affirming hormone therapy. He shared on his Instagram two weeks prior to his episode premiere that his pitch would also make him the first Black transgender man to appear on the show.

Braxton writes: “Walking into the tank has to be one of the most exhilarating feelings! It’s something you truly can’t explain! Know no matter what! I showed up for all of us!He continued in a separate post: “When I started SBC in 2017 it was to create a new lane within our community where I could come in and collaborate with all of you, and support my journey towards top surgery.”

Congratulations Braxton! New episodes of Shark Tank air Fridays at 8 p.m. on ABC and can be streamed on Hulu.


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