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Father Goes Viral for Wearing a Tutu in a Photoshoot with Daughter, Responds to Homophobic Critics

David Kemper, a father and upcoming rapper from Bay City, Texas recently went viral on Facebook after he shared a heart warming photoshoot of himself and his daughter wearing white tutus.

Kemper shared several photos to his Facebook on Tuesday (Oct. 12) celebrating his daughter's first birthday.

"Play if you want to I’ll take this too too off and get gangsta," Kemper jokingly captioned.

He then shared, "Y’all I never thought in a million YEARS I’ll have on a damn too too smiling but shiiid them lil girls make you do other stuff drove 6hrs from work just to take them pictures . Even if I can’t do everything buy everything they gone feel the love one way or another."

The next day Kemper began to receive an onslaught of shares and homophobic comments for wearing the tutu. Many called him "sus", "gay", and a "queen". Some people even stated that "his daughter would be embarrassed" if she saw once she got older.

Following the homophobic backlash, Kemper began to make a series of Facebook statuses addressing the critics who had negative opinions about him as a father and a his sexuality.

"Niggas say I’m SUS BOY ILL HAVE YA BM CLIMBING WALLS. Go play with ya kids not me……..wait y’all can’t ."
"Y’all really think ion like girls …..I tell you what…tell her to inbox me real quick. NOW I BET YOU WONT DO THAT."

Check Out More of His Responses Below:

Kemper then shares that his daughter asked him to wear the tutu.

Well Gayes, looks like he told them. Thankfully, amidst the negativity there were many who applauded him for his overwhelming love for his daughter and how comfortable he is in his sexuality to combat gender norms.


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