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Florida's Swamp Princess Doechii and City Girl JT Release Electric Pop-Rap Jam "Alter Ego"

Doechii and JT -- Instagram

"When they ask you.. tell em it's editorial rap; if hip hop and house music had a baby." --Doechii via Instagram

The two Florida rappers teamed up for Doechii's first release of the year. Aggressive, grimy, and up tempo, "Alter Ego" is sure to raise your bpm as you step on the neck of every bitch in your path. The track opens up with a pleasant surprise from the voice of hyper-pop artist Ayesha Erotica.

Doechii attacks the opening verse with no hesitation, delivering menacing and very vulgar bars -- not that we expect anything less from the self proclaimed Swamp Princess.

"Fuck that ho, fuck that bitch/It's fuck that ho 'til the condom slip/Who the fuck y'all hoes think run this shit?" Doechii raps. "Miss she/her/ black vagina/Designer, say Gucci, Prada print/D-O-E, I'm Wakanda rich."

Here, the bisexual artist quotes her 2022 debut EP 'She/her/black bitch', released shortly after signing to West Coast music powerhouse Top Dawg Entertainment.

On the surface, JT was an unexpected collab, yet her tone ultimately meshed well with the entirety of the song. Furthermore, both artists have some interesting similarities amongst them, like being the first female rap artists signed to their respective labels and being apart of the LGBTQIA+ community. [JT as an ally]

During a sit-down with Interview magazine, both Doechii and JT expressed the uncertainties behind "Alter Ego" and how the track came to be.

Doechii - Instagram

“You know when you have a song for so long, you get sick of hearing it? So I didn’t really like it, and I was just sitting one day. I was like, ‘You know who would slide on this? Somebody unexpected.’ There was a lot of names that was thrown out, but I was like, ‘No. JT.’ Because you balance it out,” she recounted to the City Girls star.

“It’s something about your essence and your energy. You literally made me re-love this song all over again.”

JT's initial reception of the song wasn't confident, having to stray so far from her typical city girl sound, despite, she was able to push her limitations and find reassurance in the process.

“When you sent me the record, girl, I was like, ‘What the f**k? She think I can make a song like this?’” the “Act Up” rapper said. “But thank you for challenging me. I’m very hesitant when I make music. I’m a perfectionist. I want that s**t to sound good when I send it back.”

Though "Alter Ego" has verses that contain typical banter of being a "bad bitch"--flexing cash, designer, and stunting on the next woman, what makes the track so cool is the electric pop influence and well contrasting chorus. Both artists are rappers, but Alter Ego is effectively bending the genre to new curves.

Moreover, the song is accompanied by a video that takes you into the depths of Florida's murkiest waters. We find Doechii aboard an airboat toting a machine gun, while JT is wet and wild in the mud.

"Alter Ego" is a great example of Doechii's unapologetic and eccentric nature. From her lifestyle to fashion choices her decisions are unpredictable and she never fails to keep her audience entertained.

“Doechii is so fucking fire. She don’t give a fuck, JT says.” The glam be hitting, the hair be hitting... You’re a cunt bitch."


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