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HBO “Charm City Kings” Star, Lakeyria Doughty Charged With Girlfriend’s Murder

Photo Credit: Baltimore CBS

Lakeyria Doughty, a dirt biker known as the “Wheelie Queen” from the HBO series Charm City Kings appeared in court on Monday. There, the 26-year-old was charged with first and second-degree assault, and assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the death of her 33-year-old girlfriend Tiffany Wilson, according to the Baltimore CBS.

Officers responded to a call from an apartment in Baltimore on 1200 North Stricker Street where they found Wilson in the kitchen with a stab wound to the left side of the chest at 4:15 a.m. on Jan. 1. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Tiffany WIlson

The police statement obtained by the I-Team Stated that Doughty called 911 herself. She told the dispatcher that her and Wilson were having an argument when Wilson stabbed herself but the medical examiner's office found inconsistent injuries and self-inflicted wound.

“A physical altercation throughout the apartment, which included displaced furniture, scuff marks on the walls, and hair and jewelry consistent with having been forcefully removed from a person during an assault. The kitchen where the victim was located showed a significant amount of blood evidence and a large knife with suspected blood on the blade and handle."

Officers searched Doughty’s phone where they found messages of their breakup. The police statement from Baltimore sun revealed that,

“The text messages paint a very disturbing picture...The victim was breaking up with Ms. Doughty and wanted her keys back. The victim repeated this comment over and over in the text messages for Ms. Doughty to leave her alone.”

Doughty denied all allegations that the relationship was unstable yet police found records of domestic violence cases between the two women.

Doughty is regarded as a pioneer for breaking into Baltimore’s male dominated 12 O’Clock Boys dirt bike culture. She was featured in the an HBO movie “Charm City Kings,” which premiered in the fall.

Photo Credit: HBO

A success story that later turned downhill. Maryland’s judge has postponed all of her trials due To the pandemic. Doughty is set for a preliminary hearing in February of this year at Baltimore District Court.


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