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Housing Complex Opened by Trans, for Trans, in Queens Makes History

It is a time to be unapologetically trans, and black and that is exactly what Ceyenne Doroshow is. Ceyenne is an advocate and the founder of the non-profit, Gays and Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society (GLITS).

On, November 13th, during Transgender Awareness week, Ceyenne opened up the first transgender housing complex in Queens. She bought the 11-unit, 3-story walkup to help conquer the housing discrimination that many trans people face. Downstairs, CNN reports the basement will be used for an education center.

By purchasing the property, she hopes to help the trans housing crisis by providing more homes in real estate. She explained that the Woodhaven location was of particular importance, "Thirty years of a dream, of doing something like this...But not just doing it, putting us in an area, in a location, where we don't have to run."

As Ceyenne cut the ribbon and walked the camera through the building, she showed off a well kept apartment that would be rented out fully furnished. The housing will no doubt be filled quickly after prospective tenants fill out a "thorough" application process. At the ribbon cutting ceremony, Ceyenne made a powerful speech saying,

"When I am dead and gone, I want you to know that it was a Black trans woman that bought this building for you, for community. This was created from love and out of love and it will continue to be that....Black trans lives matter and it just cannot be a slogan, we have to be there and support.”

She went on the explain that the work was not a solo effort. In an interview she said, "This was created out of love. Each apartment will have and be -- created, and painted and styled -- by a designer, an interior designer. The apartments are painted by volunteers. The art and everything has been donated. The furniture's were donated from Disney hotels. This is an act of love."

If you, or someone you know, is interested in the GLITZ program, be sure to check out their website here.

Watch a snippet of Cayenne Doroshow's speech during the cutting ceremony below:

Via PIX11 News:


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