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Hulu's LGBTQ Inclusive, Blind Dating Show 'Hotties' Taps Podcaster Archie Jay in Season Finale

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archie jay hotties tv show
Archie Jay (Left) Tyrone (Right) | Screenshot "Hotties" - Hulu

Hulu is turning up the heat and bringing a twist to blind dating and cooking competitions with its fun, new show, “Hotties”.

Set in the middle of the desert, each episode will pit two pairs of blind dates against each other inside food trucks. Contestants must participate in spicy food challenges while getting to know each other and competing to prepare the best date-night-worthy dishes.

Couples will be judged on their dishes and their dates, with the grand prize being $2,500 to either spend on a second date or "split and never see each other again", as host Jade Catta-Pretta would say.

Not only does ‘Hotties” take blind dating shows to a spicy new level, but it’s also inclusive as it features a number of LGBTQ+ contestants, including Archie Jay and Tyrone—the series only Black, gay couple.

Earlier this year, Hulu said in a statement:

“We remain committed to telling inclusive stories that unite us and celebrate the diverse LGBTQIA+ community.”

This isn’t the first time Hulu has made a statement in regards to LGBTQ inclusivity. Last year Hulu said in a statement:

“We value diversity and know it is necessary to innovate and help us deeply connect with our viewers and serve them better. Hulu is committed to nurturing that diversity and

creating an inclusive space for our teams and viewers.”

Archie Jay and Tyrone make their appearance in the season finale and let’s just say, they definitely saved the spiciest for last. Archie and Tyrone seem to hit things off initially, but as the episode progresses, things quickly boil over for the hopeful couple.

Source: "Hotties" - Hulu
Source: "Hotties" - Hulu

Archie Jay is an outspoken media personality, born and raised in Kansas City, MO. He has worked as a producer for SiriusXM, on-air talent for AfterBuzz, and has even launched his very own podcast Archie: The Podcast.

Now, in his streaming television debut, Archie Jay speaks on the importance of representation on large platforms such as Hulu:

“I’m no LGBTQ+ spokesperson, but I realize that seeing Black men interact with each other in a competition to find love is not the norm. We don’t often see ourselves in spaces like this. I’m just grateful to be part of pushing the narrative forward.”

You can stream all 10 episodes of “Hotties” now on Hulu. Watch episode 10 to see if Archie's blind date is spicy enough for a second! Check out the trailer below:


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