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Influencer Zoie Fenty Faces Criticism After Explaining Why He Doesn't Date Openly Gay Men

Internet personality Zoie Fenty, who typically goes by GotDamnZo has been known to say some questionable things that’s gotten him a couple side-eyes in the past. Though it seems this time fans are downright giving him the full eye-roll after a statement he made in a recent YouTube video.

Fenty was invited to do a mukbang on Youtuber, B Simone’s channel in which they discussed dating and what they look for in a partner. It was then that Fenty revealed,

“I can’t date a gay guy...I mean openly gay.”

B Simone poses the question, “so how are you gonna get married?”

Zoie responds,

“He’s gonna be a guy who was with a woman and then decided to say ‘hey I just want to be with you’. So that means he ain’t never did nothing with no boy before.”

Many fans hopped on Twitter to react to his controversial statement and pick apart what he said versus what he was trying to say.

Twitter user @trappmoneyb shared a snippet of the video calling out Fenty and captioned it,

"I really want gay men to free their selves from the shackles of thinking like this sh*t is stupid".

It was this post that sparked a fiery debate in the comments as fans shared their thoughts on what Fenty had to say.

Twitter user @militarypopper1 writes,

“I think he has created this fantasy narrative because he can’t get the masculine man he desires. So instead of being ok with the rejection, he created this crazy scenario as a way to justify his single status. Also, you will never be the only guy he has fuc*ed...grow up.”

Another user @TheGoldenAdonis comments,

“I understand the whole “oh I dated him too” thing but that’s bound to happen and it’s part of dating. sounds like he lacks security within himself and would rather settle on a fantasy”.

However, one spectator took to Fenty’s defense stating,

“Its a personal preference. Not every gay guy wants err body in their business. It's just that."

While a majority of fans were taken aback by Fenty’s statements, this is not the first time he’s touched on this topic. A few month’s back the YouTube phenomenon took to Instagram live to explain why he prefers DL (down-low) men.

There’s a lot to unpack here and plenty of #tea to go around so how y'all feeling about this one? Is Zoie simply declaring his preference or is it giving internalized homophobia?


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