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J. Lo's Speaks Out in Support of New Film by Her Sister's Non-binary Child, Brendon.

J Lo and Her Nibling Brendon

J. Lo is an incredible human being, and this past week she just gave us one more reason to adore her! According to LGBTQ Nation, Jennifer introduced a short film made by her sister's nonbinary child Brendon, whom she refers to as her 'Nibling.' 'Nibling' a gender neutral acronym for the child of a sibling.

Brendon's short film, Draw With Me, is about a young trans person's process of coming out to their family, and using art to learn more about themselves. In the trailer Brendon, who goes by they/them, talked about how worried they were that they may lose friends and family after coming out.

Jennifer said Brendon's film is "very close to my heart because it was a family affair. It’s about accepting change and challenges with love and knowing that when we do, anything’s possible."

'Draw With Me' will be available on VOD and will be presented a film festivals. We are excited for Brendon! It's so heartening for people who couldn't come out earlier in life to be able to see that happening now! #Gayes, let's hope the future keeps looking bright for queer and trans youth!


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