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James Charles Accused Once Again of Child Grooming, Apologizes via Twitter After Nude Photos Leak

Beauty enthusiast and YouTube phenomenon, James Charles has found himself in the hot seat after being accused of child grooming for what appears to be the second time. As the situation is now trending on Twitter, the public has wasted no time in drawing the digital creator into question.

Recently, a disturbing Tik Tok video surfaced of a 16-year old boy claiming and showing photo proof of Charles sending explicit messages and photos to the underage child. Charles runs to Twitter to address the allegations and shares a lengthy apology stating that the accusations are “completely false” and that he was informed by the boy that “he was 18.”

It was just this past summer back in late July when a 14-year old boy, Ethan Andrew made similar claims against the internet celebrity in a YouTube video and emphasizes that Charles knew he was 14 at the time. However, Andrew produced no proof of this and Charles' supporters. who are better known as his “sisters”, swiftly dismissed the young boy’s claims and pointed out holes in his stories.

Ethan Andrew

Nonetheless, his “sisters” are not so forgiving this time around as the 16-year old boy, who has remained unnamed, gives what appears to be valid screenshots of what he is now accusing Charles of.

The kid claims that last Wednesday on February 17th, he received a message via snapchat after he had reached out to Charles a while ago. They carried on having a normal “fan to influencer conversation” as the young teen stated and expressed how excited he was to be talking to one of his favorite Youtubers. He then proceeds to explain how the conversation gradually becomes more sexual and provides photos of the inappropriate advances Charles was making towards him.

In what appears to be one of the snaps that Charles sent to the young teen, it shows a selfie of Charles seemingly laying down in bed with his shirt off with the photo captioning,

“I bet you can make me finish by just flexing and showing off your hair haha without even taking your d*ck out!”

The 16-year old goes on to say how Charles continued to send explicit photos of his body and when he voiced to Charles that he was only 16, he alleges that Charles responded, “but I didn’t even get to see your body yet.”

The teen continues to explain that after denying Charles to send any photos of his body, he alleges that Charles perpetually kept asking and even requested that the two Facetime, in which he once again denies and asks Charles, “why”? The teen then shows another photo of Charles’ collar bone in what appears to be a response to his question captioning, “Just want u show off and look hot as fu*k haha”.

Since the video has made headlines, millions of people appear to side with the young teen and believe Charles is guilty. Many people have swarmed under the apology post that Charles made on Twitter claiming that he has no evidence to defend himself while others questions the young teen’s intentions.

Twitter user @happyfariii comments, “Idk if your lying or not cause you have no proof-”.

Another Twitter account @monicafaour writes, “James at this point stop talking with stranger boys online! I do believe they use you for clout but man wise up! You can’t keep falling for the same thing over and over again! Protect yourself and start looking for men offline”.

James Charles claims in his apology post that it was the young teen who initiated the advances claiming that, “I woke up to several snaps from this person being excited I added him back, saying he loved me, and also lewd photos of himself in the shower.”

While Charles claims he was lied to about the teens age and was under the impression that he was 18, he does not deny flirting back with him or sending any explicit photos. He also states that moving forward, “I now will ask to see the ID or passport of every guy I have a conversation with.”

Read James Charles’s full apology below.

Now the question goes to you #Gayes?! Do we think this teenager is simply hungry for some clout or is James Charles not who he says he is? Keep up with Gaye Magazine and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as the situation unfolds!


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