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Janelle Monae Signs Global Deal with Sony Music, Let’s Fans Know "She's Just Getting Started"

When it comes to talent, Janelle Monae checks every box. The Dirty Computer singer has ventured into every entertainment sphere, including record producer, model and actress. The word ‘multi-talented’ doesn’t even accurately describe the Hidden Figures actress. She’s just one hell of an artist.

Of course, several music aficionados are well aware Janelle Monae’s poweress. Back in 2013, the city of Boston named October 16 “Janelle Monae Day” in honor of the singer’s artistry. That’s how much star power the woman carries.

In addition to having a day named after her, Monae has also won of slew of musical and film accolades. She’s received eight Grammy awards, with the addition of an MTV Video Music Award and ASCAP Vanguard Award in 2010. Her film Moonlight even took home a major win for Best Picture at the 89th Academy Awards. At just 35-years-old, Janelle Monae proves why she’s the best of the best in the music business.

With so much talent, it’s no wonder that big-name music executives want to work with Janelle Monae. This past Tuesday, the award-winning artist signed a huge global deal with Sony Music Publishing. Rather than referring to her deal with Sony a milestone, Monae tells fans she’s just getting started.

Janelle Monae and the music record label giant entered into an “all-encompassing deal.” Throughout their partnership, Monae’s current music and future tracks will be released to fans.

Janelle Monae couldn’t contain her excitement about the new business venture. In a statement released to Variety, Monae stated, “As an artist who is constantly reinventing myself, I feel like I’m just getting started. I am excited about partnering with Big Jon and the rest of my new Sony family to help shape the future of music in the record industry as well as the fashion, and tv and film space.”

Though, Monae asked that the company meet one more requirement before she signed the dotted line. The Antebellum actress' longtime collaborators Nate “Rocket” Wonder and Chuck Lightning also partnered with the record label. Both have worked with Monae on numerous projects, including her label imprint Wondaland Arts Society and film production Wondaland Pictures.

Additionally, both Wonder and Lightning helped craft Monae’s albums Metropolis: Suite I: The Chase, The ArchAndroid, The Electric Lady, and Dirty Computer. Unlike most artists, Janelle Monae and her musical collaborators have maintained such a great working relationship with one another over the years. Since the three creatives have already crafted such great music, they’ll for sure keep releasing awesome tracks with the new deal.

Though, no one’s more excited for the partnership than Song Music Publishing’s CEO and Chairman Jon Platt. Janelle Monae affectionately refers to the music executive as ‘Big Jon.’ Platt reciprocated Monae’s love for him by revealing his company’s long-awaited mission to sign her.

During an interview with Variety, Platt shared that he’s “chased the opportunity to work with Monae since the start of her career.” Clearly, Platt is a superfan.

Additionally, Sony Music Publishing’s President Brian Monaco also fangirled over Monae to Variety. In particular, the Global Chief Marketing Officer describes Monae’s songwriting skills as “undeniable” and “believes her music speaks volumes.”

Clearly, Janelle Monae is in good hands with the executives at her new home with Sony Music Publishing. She’s making smart business moves and elevating her music career. Knowing her, she’s sure to deliver yet another ground-breaking album under her new partnership. It’s like Monae said, she has plenty in store for fans.


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