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Kansas City LGBTQ+ Commisioner Justice Horn Shares 'Congratulations" Message from Grindr User

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lgbtq commisioner justice horn on grindr

Justice Horn, the newly named Chair of the City of Kansas City LGBTQ Commission has no shame stating that he is active on Grindr.

Following his new appointment to the position, #JusticeHorn, 24, posted on Twitter a “Congratulations” message he received from a user on Grindr - social dating/hookup app for gay men.

“I do not and will not regret posting this because I’m young, single, and gay—but even the folks on Grindr are wishing me well on becoming Chair of the LGBTQ Commission. Thanks kings,” he wrote in conjunction with the screenshot on Twitter.

“I’m obviously openly LGBTQ, and that means that comes with everything,” Horn says. “I’m single, young, and sexually active, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

He adds, “I can both have a professional and personal life, and I think that’s why so many people are connecting and uplifting this. It challenges our society’s visual of what those in power should look like and act [like].”

As chair, Horn leads a 13-member commission with a single mission of serving the LGBTQ+ community in Kansas City through advising elected officials.

Well, Congrats! Gayes, would you continue to use Grindr as a political figure?


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