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Kevin Samuels Addresses Gay Rumors, Likens it to "Cancel Culture"


Controversial YouTube and image consultant Kevin Samuels appeared on DJ Vlad's talk recently and discussed the speculations of his sexuality that arose after a "glitch" on his live stream. This glitch being a sleeping man appearing on the screen, and the similarity of the furniture of the sleeping man and of Samuel's own background led viewers to believe it was Samuel's bed. This led to an onslaught of his viewers and fans belief that he was gay/bisexual.

Here is the video for context:

Samuels pointed out during the zoom after a caller pointed out the sleeping man that it was simply a “glitch”. He explains that the Zoom glitch can happen when he clicks on the screen of a person in a call queue. He further points out that he talked about it during the show when the caller brought it up, believing that he had squashed the problem at that time.

"Purposefully and deliberately taken out of context to perpetuate a narrative, smear a black man with being gay." He claims that despite addressing the "troll" during the livestream, the clip was still used to fuel the fire.


"This happens too often to black men, the destruction of the black men image, because they’re saying something that they don’t like, we’re gonna minimize you, we’re gonna disparage you, we’re gonna discredit you, we’re gonna humiliate you. We’re gonna try to humiliate you by calling you gay "What I’m going to say is this, where’s the LGBTQ community in this? Because it’s up there for anyone who wants to see it.”

He likened his experience to Kwame Brown, an NBA player who's been publicly gay since 2014, but ever so often is "outed" and discredited for his achievements.

He brushed off those who speculated on this point, saying "If people really thought I was gay they wouldn’t be coming at me like this, because they would have to deal with that very LGBTQ community. So by the fact that they’re coming at me this way, they know they don’t think that."

He instead likened it to cancel culture, in how people who didn't like him or his opinions to begin with used this as a reason to "cancel him".

"In this whole cancel culture, people having to go back and apologize for tweets they made twelve years ago, when it was okay to even say something like this on South Park or movie or this and that and you actually have people with platforms, media outlets blogsites running with a story like, this was mentioned on a popular morning show ‘who hurt him?’ ‘does he like men or like women?’ We play like this, with peoples brand and sexuality, for what?"

The controversial opinions he references can be found on his YouTube channel in his Tedtalk style videos where he answers callers (mostly women), about love and how to navigate it in modern times.

Gayes, what are your thoughts?

Here are examples form his YouTube channel:

"Can A Stray Be Domesticated?"

"The 'You're Average at Best' Video- Full Interview"


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