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Kidd Kenn Becomes 1st Rapper to Land Vinyl & Doll Set Target Deal, Announces Exclusive Gaye Giveaway

Exclusive | Entertainment News

first gay rapper with a Target doll Kidd Kenn holding limited edition vinyl and doll set Best of Kidd Kenn

Kidd Kenn is officially a Barbie Boy, in a Barbie World!

With the release of the new "Barbie" movie making headlines this week, the 20-year-old Southside Chicago rapper is stepping in to announce a special giveaway for his very own play toy. Kidd Kenn exclusively tells Gaye Magazine how thrilled he is to break the glass ceiling as the first male, openly gay rapper to have a doll in partnership with Target.

"I have to take a moment to express how surreal and humbling it is to have my very own limited-edition doll set. I'm a Barb and having my very own doll is a dream come true."

Check out the Best Of Kidd Kenn (Target Exclusive, Vinyl) Below:

The Best Of Kidd Kenn Doll debuted May 5th of this year with a pink-splatter vinyl record, exclusively at over 1,700 out of nearly 2,000 Target locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Starting at $54.99, the Best of Kidd Kenn Target boxset comes with a stylish new Kidd Kenn doll with temperature-activated hair that changes colors, a QR code link to Kidd Kenn’s virtual dollhouse 8-bit game, and a 2-sided 12 by 16 vinyl record that features many of Kidd Kenn’s biggest hits specified by Def Jams record label.

Yes! You guessed it, it’s not just a doll but fans will also enjoy a full soundtrack of songs such as ‘B4’ feat. Saucy Santana, ‘Moves’ feat. Rico Nasty, ‘Want Not a Need’ feat. Baby Tate and more!

The first single 'Good Day' on Side A of the pink Vinyl record was chosen exclusively by Target to be featured in their Pride Online ad campaign celebrating the NYC Pride Festival. Kidd Kenn tells us how much this moment allows him to embrace all of who he is and not just his sexuality.

“People may label me as a "gay rapper," but I'm not just a "gay rapper" – I'm a rapper, period."

"I just embrace my identity unapologetically, and I won't shy away from it. By being true to who I am, I'm not only amplifying visibility for the LGBTQ+ community, but I'm also showing the world that we don't need to fit into boxes to make it in this industry.”

Kidd Kenn doll vinyl set at target

In honor of this historical moment, Kidd Kenn will giveaway 5 Best of Kidd Kenn vinyl and doll box sets exclusively with Gaye Magazine!

"Shoutout to all the supporters and allies; your love means everything. And to all those who've been inspired by my journey, remember you have the power to change the world. Much love to y'all!"

Giveaway Criteria To Win A Target Exclusive Kidd Kenn Doll:

1. Must be following Kidd Kenn (@kiddkenn), Gaye Magazine (@gayemagazine), and

Latesa Lins (@latesalins) on Instagram.

2. Must be subscribed to via the website.

3. Comment the hashtag #BestofKiddKenn on our post on Instagram to confirm your entry.

-Note: Your Instagram profile must be public and the email address you used to subscribe will need to be listed in your bio.

Winners will be announced Friday, Aug. 4th on Gaye Magazine’s Instagram page and on Instagram Live (9 pm EST/8 pm CST). 5 winners will be contacted by email and will have until Monday, Aug. 7th to confirm and claim their doll.

Join Us Friday, July 28th on Instagram Live for an exclusive interview with Kidd Kenn!

Kidd Kenn - Best Of Kidd Kenn (Target Exclusive, Vinyl)


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