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Kodak Black Reacts to Fans Commenting 'Gay' & Rainbow Emojis During His Instagram Live

Prince Williams/Wireimage

A clip of rapper Kodak Black's recent Instagram live is going viral. The 24-year-old Florida native randomly received a plethora of rainbow flag emojis from viewers as he sat on live while on a private flight.

"Why LGBTQ on my wave right now? Everybody coming through talking about gay, gay, gay, gay..." Kodak asked during the live.

The trend of viewers commenting rainbows and asking 'are you gay' started from TikTok. The raid of rainbows is meant to stir a reaction from the person on the live. Thankfully, Kodak Black didn't take the bait.

"I guess they see we happy and shit," Kodak said amongst friends on the live.

"We happy and we ain't tripping about nothin'!"

Watch a snippet below:

Watch the full clip here.


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