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Latto Reportedly Cancels Her ATL Black Pride Show Due to Only Accepting Cash Payment, Writes Apology

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Atlanta-bred rapper Latto took to Instagram late last night to share a message to her LGBT fans that she would not be performing at an #AtlantaBlackPride event.

Fans anticipated that Latto would be performing at the Cosmopolitan Saturday night after heavy promotion was published for Atlanta Black Pride. Latto even filmed a video promoting her live appearance, as Gaye previously reported.

“Sorry ya’ll, they didn’t have all my money. I love ya’ll,” Latto wrote on her IG story.

Despite Latto stating the venue didn’t have her money, club promoters are stating otherwise.

Night club promoter Antwan Golden shared on Facebook that Latto received her upfront deposit electronically prior to the show, but refused her final deposit of $5K moments before because allegedly, according to her management, they wanted to be paid in cash only.

Gaye received exclusive info from inside sources that Latto’s booking contract did not explicitly state that the final payment had to be made in cash.

"So Because we Offered To Pay Latto $5000 of her remaining balance in Zelle and the rest in cash she pulled off because she Only wanted CASH then Goes to IG and says We didn’t have her Money," Golden wrote on Facebook.

Latto’s management reportedly became angry after refusing payment in Zelle and canceled the show. Promoters have since refunded unhappy fans who attended the event, however, Latto did keep the upfront deposit according to our sources. No further information has been provided on steps to take legal action.

Gaye will provide additional details as more details develop.

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