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Laverne Cox Speaks On Why So Many Black LGBT Celebrities' Spouses Aren't Black

Laverne Cox Can We Talk Podcast

Transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox answered the million dollar question many #gayes within the Black LGBT community have been wondering about: Why are so many Black LGBT celebrities in a relationship with someone outside of their race?

Laverne shared her thoughts on this topic and even spilled some personal tea during a recent interview on trans activist Hope Giselle's podcast "Can We Talk".

"In the Black LGBT community...we feel like a lot of our LGBT celebrities...when we ascend to a certain point in greatness, our partners are never Black," Hope Giselle said to Laverne.

Laverne's immediate response was that she "seen that' and when she was posting about Kyle, her ex-boyfriend, people in her comment section were asking "why".

Laverne went on to say, "It's hard to meet somebody that you really click with and that you fall in love with, and like I am open to that person being...I literally went on a date with someone a few weeks ago who I think was from Afghanistan...and like...girl I'm very open."

"Over the years, living in New York I've dated..every race of man, and I would love to meet...I love black men, I love men, it's just hard to meet somebody."

Laverne then went on to spill some tea about her last experience with a Black guy and what unfolded after they had been intimate.

"But can I tell you the last Black man I slept with, this was before Kyle, afterwards we were like lying there and he was like 'yeah, I'm looking for a sugar momma', and I was like 'how's that going for you?'" Laverne said laughing.

Check out a snippet below:

Laverne concludes her story saying that she has been with Black men who haven't said that after sex, but she pointed out that she "never had a white man who said I'm looking for a sugar momma".

"I haven't met a middle eastern man or a Latino man who said that, they might be and they might be more slick with you know, their hustle."

Well there you have it! We are sure that for some it can be disheartening to not see black LGBT love flourish in the public eye, but it's also equally important that we do not judge someone based on who they decide to love. After all, that is the very reason why the LGBT community continues to fight.

Be sure to listen to the entire conversation on Apple Podcasts by subscribing to "'Can We Talk' with Hope Giselle".

Just for your curiosity we have included some photos of the most prominent Black LGBT celebrities who were or are currently in interracial relationships.


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