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Lil Nas X Reveals He Hid Owning a Nicki Minaj Stan Account Because He Feared of Being Outed as Gay

Nicki Minaj shared a video with her fans on Twitter last night, where#LilNasX took the courage to ask her for a collaboration. It soon led to a confession after a fan asked why he was never open about being a “Barb”, the name for Nicki Minaj’s fan base.

The Old Town Road Superstar was accused over a year ago of being the owner of the anonymous Twitter account, “@NASMARAJ", a stan page for Nicki Minaj. He later confirmed it via Twitter DM.

In reply to the tweet, Lil Nas X admitted that he denied being A Barb because he was afraid that people would find out he was gay before he was ready to come out.

The 21 year old Artist came out as gay just last year in June after releasing a song titled, “C7osure”.

According to his Interview with Gayle King on CBS, Lil Nas X knew he was gay at a very young age but was “praying that it was, like, a phase...That it would go away.”

When asks if his story will help others he says, “It’s gonna always help. We still have a long way to go.”

Nicki Minaj later responded stating, “it was a bit of a sting” when Lil Nas X denied being a barb. At that present time, Nicki was receiving enormous backlash for her place in the music industry from both fans and music industry executives, which may have slighted her feelings for Lil Nas X at the time. She ultimately congratulated him on his courage.

#Gayes, do you think Nicki will forgive Lil Nas X and agree to a collab?

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