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Netflix Serves Up Bisexual Love Triangle in New Mystery Comedy Series "Freeridge"

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*Editor's Note: This article may contain spoilers*

Freeridge | Source: Courtesy of Kevin Astrada/Netflix

From the writers of “On My Block” comes the spin-off Freeridge, set in the same school and universe as the spiritual prequel of the show. It follows the misadventures of Gloria (Monterroso Mejia), her younger sister Ines (Bryana Salaz), and her two best friends Demi and Cameron when they discover a mysterious box at a yard sale.

While the two shows have no connection besides the school and neighborhood, they share the same quick-witted understanding of gen-z slang, and the sentimental message of the importance of friendship, tightly held together by the chemistry of the main cast.

The first episode introduces us to the main four characters. Gloria, a classic older sister with the weight of the world on her shoulders archetype is introduced to us with her little sister Ines, who is trying to keep her household together while still mourning the loss of their mother. We also meet Demi and Cameron, Gloria’s two best friends who are growing tired of always having Ines around.

Trying to figure out what to get her dad for his birthday, Gloria and Ines hold a yard sale right next to her neighbors. Cameron buys a box in an ill-fated attempt to offend his clingy boyfriend, who he’s trying to get rid of. The group then learns that the box is supposedly cursed and they later try to figure out a way to both get rid of it and lift the curse off of themselves.

Cameron, played by Tenzing Norgay Trainor, is openly bisexual in the series and has never dated girls, but has had experience with boys. This is brought up in a conversation where Demi (played by Ciara Riley) asks why Cameron won’t break up with his overly needy boyfriend, Andre (played by Zaire Adams). It’s also revealed that Cameron has harbored a crush on Demi for a while.

Cameron later finds himself in the middle of this love triangle, with both Andre and Demi, and initially, it seems there is no real resolution as to who would be the best fit.

Unlike its predecessor “On My Block”, Cameron’s sexuality is explicitly stated and explored, without leaving fans guessing or scrapping at clues that lead to the possibility of an LGBTQ character.

While “On My Block” was a fantastic step for representation of POC representation in the spotlight, “Freeridge” does that and with LGBTQ+ representation. Gone are the days where fans would speculate that maybe Ruby or Jasmin (of “On My Block") were possibly in the LGBTQ+ community.

Freeridge definitely breathes new life for character development and has the lasting power of a Netflix classic. Freeridge is available to watch now, only on Netflix!

Check out more photos from the show and the premiere screening below:


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