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Netflix to Release First Gay Holiday Rom-Com 'Single All The Way’

Philippe Bosse/ Netflix

Happy Holi-#Gaye! Netflix just released the trailer for their holiday romantic comedy starring lead gay characters for the first time --- ever.

Due Dec. 2, 'Single All The Way' follows Peter (Michael Urie) who heads back home for the holiday season. Hoping to evade judgement of his non-existent relationship status, Peter convinces his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to tag along and pose as his lover. But plans go awry when he learns he's been set-up on a blind date, creating a messy love-triangle.

The plot evolves as Peter realizes he actually may have romantic feelings for his bestie Nick, "If Nick and I ever went there and didn't work out I would lose him" Peter says. The feel-good flick seems to flirt with the classic best friends become lovers rom-com trope.

Philippe Bosse/ Netflix

Aside from the groundbreaking news about the film's lead characters, the #Gayes are also excited about the eternally-hilarious Jennifer Coolidge, who plays Aunt Sandy. Coolidge brings the funny to the flick, delivering meme-able one-liners like "The gays just know how to do stuff".

Outside of good food and belly laughs, the Holidays also bring a line of questioning we all love to hate: "Have you met someone yet? When are you getting married? When will you have some kids?" The film seems to do a great job at capturing that universal apprehension, and suggests that maybe love is closer than you think.

Watch the Trailer Below:


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