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P-Valley Nominated for 6 NAACP Image Awards, Nicco Annan Receives Nod for 'Best Outstanding Actor"

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Courtesy of the NAACP

Starz drama TV series, "P-Valley", is starting the new year off right!

On Thursday the NAACP announced its list of nominees for the 54th Annual NAACP Image Awards ceremony. P-Valley created by producer Katori Hall and co-executive produced by Patrik-Ian Polk made it to 6 categories, giving the fabulous cast their flowers.

Nicco Annan who plays Uncle Clifford is nominated for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series.

He expressed his gratitude via Instagram, "We thank you #PynkPosses for seeing the value in these southern Tales that show us all more of ourselves than some of us even knew. We are @naacp, @naacpimageawards, @pvalleystarz"

Nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor, J. Alphonse Nicholson who plays Lil Murda took time out from filming in L. A to "soak it all in" on his Instagram story.

"Great day to be working...great day to be nominated for NAACP image award. I appreciate y'all, much love...y'all go run them folks up. ( #SteadyGrinding )"

Brandee Evans who plays Mercedes Woodbine is also nominated for Outstanding Actress, sharing on Instagram that she truly believes every one of her cast mates is "so deserving" of this moment.

"Lord, I thank you. Just to be Nominated...I thank you. Thank you @naacpimageawards. Congratulations to my amazing cast of @pvalleystarz and all of the amazing nominees in all categories. Everyone is so deserving! #Pvalley"

Hall's P-Valley storyline is well known for being focused around a spectrum of characters connected to a strip club called The Pynk, within the fictional city of Chucalissa, Mississippi. Hall's creativity shines a light on strippers who always seem to get the short end of the stick in the business.


The road to recognition for this show has not been easy. Hall spoke with Salons Talk and shared that she hoped to continue educating viewers on things they don't get to see every day.

"The cool thing about the show is that you can find a version of yourself in one of the characters that we have. I do think that sometimes people are like, "Oh my God, there's so much going on. There's too much going on." And we're always like, "No, no, just hold on. Everything is going to come together. Be patient." Because at the end of the day, this group of people, this ensemble, they're a tight-knit family and it's going to be well worth the journey as people see them on their individual journeys, but also as a collective when they come back to the Pynk."

In the past, the show has had a two-year production gap between Seasons 1 and 2 because of production delays. Viewers waited patiently and are now hoping for season 3. Voting for P-Valley nominees may very well help!

Katori Halls' STARZ Tv Series P-Valley Nominations:

  • Outstanding Actor In A Drama Series - Nicco Annan

  • Outstanding Actress In A Drama Series - Brandee Evans

  • Outstanding Drama Series

  • Outstanding Soundtrack/Compilation Album

  • Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series - J. Alphonse Nicholson

  • Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series - Loretta Devine

The winners will be chosen on BET Network during a two-hour live TV special on Saturday, February 25th of this year at 8 p.m. EST.

Viewers can vote on their favorite nominees for the 54th NAACP Image Awards by visiting Voting ends February 10, 2023. The winners of each category will be announced during the night of the ceremony.


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