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'Pose' Star Indya Moore Demands Fans to Stop Questioning Transgender People's Private Parts

As #TransgenderAwarenessWeek nears its end, “Pose” actress and LGBT activist Indya Moore is facing criticism for expressing how “annoyed” she feels when constantly being asked about her body and private parts.In a recent Instagram Live, Indya shares that a fan sent a DM asking about her body parts and who her surgeon was.

After responding and sharing how she feels a few of her fans felt that her approach was unbecoming of her, especially after demanding cis women (women who identify with their assigned gender at birth) and men to stop with the invasive questions just because of her celebrity status.

Photo by John Salangsang/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

“A woman told me, ‘Your an Icon, tour famous,and guess what, people are gonna ask you questions on social media and you can’t get upset’, absolutely not. I am a human being. I exist behind this Instagram and Twitter accounts in my own life.”

She concludes that though she is not perfect when reacting to triggering questions she tries her best to “communicate as clearly as possible what about what’s happening is wrong.”

Gayes, what are your thoughts?

Here is a snippet! Check out her full Instagram Live video here.


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