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Queer Afropunk Fashion 2023: Unapologetic Experiences and Intimate Portraits

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Fashion | Exclusive | Photos

afropunk 2023 queer fashion
Photography: Marc Anthony George (@marcanthonygeorge) | Gaye Magazine™

Afropunk transcends the boundaries of a mere safe space for queer creatives to express themselves. It is a powerful rebellion against the oppressive patriarchy that relentlessly attempts to stifle our individuality, a struggle that black queer individuals face daily.

This year, artist Durand Bernarr took the Afropunk 2023 stage wearing bright yellow House of Harry Halim platform heels just as electrifying as his performance. Durand's Roman Thevenin body chain served by stylist iCON Billingsley was finished with an embellished headpiece by German designer Incognidor, resembling an iconic 1980s Mugler statement piece.

Rapper Baby Tate sparked a wave of online criticism following last year’s appearance at Afropunk. She poured into the audience after dramatically shedding her floor-length trench coat, revealing a form-fitting pink bodysuit. Tate fearlessly showcased a moment of self-love and unwavering determination, leaving no room for doubt.

In this captivating series, we identify seven key fashion trends that defined the spirit of Afropunk 2023's queer creatives and extended family.

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1. Ready for Battle: Where Fantasy and Functionality Meets Fashion

durand bernarr at afropunk 2023
Photography: Marc Anthony George (@marcanthonygeorge) | Gaye Magazine™


2. Barbie-Core: Rave with Barbie


3. Grunge Reinterpreted: Embracing the Spirit of Rebellion


4. Blue Jeans: A Timeless Classic Reimagined


5. Sheer Elegance: Boldness and Beauty


6. The Not-So-Classic Man: Refined Style with a Twist


7. Ancient Future: A Glimpse into Cultural Fashion Transcending Time

As we celebrate the fearless pioneers who are shaping the future of fashion and style at Afropunk. It is a testament to the resilience and creativity of the black queer community and the people that inspire us.


Team Credits:

Photography and Article by Marc Anthony George

Editor in Chief: K. Keith

Featured (in no particular order):

Durand Bernarr


Instagram: @durandbernarr

Baby Tate


Instagram: @imbabytate

Sudan Archives


Instagram: @sudanarchives

Stylist: Umesi Michael Louis

Jaheim Blackstar

Fashion Designer and Creative

Instagram: @jaheim_blackstar

Caitlyn Bullock

Content Creator

TikTok, Instagram, Twitch and Spotify: @caitdoeseverything

Hair Stylist: @thouartanuli, Online shop


Alternative-Dancehall Musician

Instagram: @thatsyanndon

Sachi Fa

Fashion Designer

Instagram: (personal): @sachi, (main): @chibith0t

Jam Montero

Instagram & Twitter: @tearsofacidity

Justin Williams

Musician and Artist

Instagram: @justpurewill

Desmond Sam

Publicist and Event Producer

Instagram: @dezordie

Shaun Harrison

Art Director, owner of Supernerd branding agency.

Instagram: @supernerd_


Film Director and Choreographer

Instagram: @vertarias

Company: Grav Cannabis

Dakota Lee


Spotify: Dakota Lee

Qaudir Moore

Photographer and Director


Stixx Mathews

Beauty Writer


King of Jamaica

Model and Creative

Instagram: @Kingofjamaica

Christina Brown

Activist, Writer, and Keynote Speaker

Instagram: @missxtinab

Vitor Pires

Actor and Journalist

Instagram: @ovitopires

Tamia Keosha


Instagram: @tamiakeosha

Alysse Hamm

Designer and Creative

Instagram: @alyssehamm3

Ivaldo Correia

Multidisciplinary Artist and Model

Instagram: @euivaldo

Nova StClair

Multidisciplinary Artist

Instagram: @nova.stclair

The Queen Po

Founder of The Wellness Community &YouTuber

Holistic Wellness Consultant

YouTube: @TheQueenPo Instagram: @TheQueenPo TikTok: @TheQueenPo

Veronika Collins

Fashion Model and Writer

Instagram: @itsveronikacollins

Nyla Stanford

Fashion Stylist, Writer, and Psychology Researcher

Instagram: @eclectic_sweetie



Instagram: @whoisuniity


Instagram: @Underrated12

Special Thanks to Afropunk and Annjie & Destiny at Audible Treats


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