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Rapper 42 Dugg Denies Using Gay Lyrics, "I Was Out Here Suckin D**k", After New Song Goes Viral

Rapper 42 Dugg, best known for his Billboard charting collaboration with rapper Lil Baby in "We Paid", has officially responded to rumors that he used to work as a gay prostitute, aka "Trade". Earlier this week, 42 Dugg previewed a snippet of his new song on Instagram Live, which talked about the struggles he faced while growing up in the hood. One bar in particular had fans cleaning out their ears to determine if they heard him correctly.

In the song it appears the rapper said: "I was out here suckin' dick. I was tryna pay the rent."

Check Out the Song Below:

The video snippet quickly went viral, causing 42 Dugg to trend on Twitter. Fans instantly began creating memes and flaming him for the lyrics. 42 Dugg later tweeted the lyrics he claimed to have actually said, but some fans weren't buying it.

42 Dugg also took time to respond to a fan who perpetuated on social media that he used gay lyrics in his song. Dugg posted screenshots of the fan's responses to his IG story after saying, "Take that fake ass shit off your page nigga y'all know I ain't say no shit Like that".

In the screenshot the fan responds with, "...this the blog internet shit bro I'm tryna go viral."

Soon after 42 Dugg's viral moment, he took to Instagram live to preview the same song again. However this time the lyrics are a lot clearer, but some fans believe he changed the verse after the backlash.

Now if 42 Dugg is actually gay or used to be "trade" to pay his bills back in the day, it shouldn't negate his talent or his right to share his story. We're just happy to see that he didn't homophobically degrade the LGBT community when denying the rumors. Gayes, do you consider that progress?

Check Out the New Version of 42 Dugg's Song Below:


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