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Rapper Saucy Santana Talks Dating, Strip Club Drive-by & Leaving Love & Hip Hop for Gay Stereotypes

Photo: Jayvonn Giovanni

Florida rapper Saucy Santana certainly gave the hosts of "Angela Yee's Lip Service" something to talk about in their recent episode. After his viral breakthrough into the music industry with his hit single, "Walk'em Like A Dog" and "Material Girl", following the openly gay, 26-year-old rapper has been nothing but a roller coaster.

With a growing fan-base and strong media buzz due to his close friendship with the female rap duo, City Girls, and his frequent appearances on "Love & Hip Hop: Miami", it was unfortunate to hear that Santana's sudden success took a pause.

As we previously reported in December of 2019, Saucy Santana was involved in a drive-by shooting after leaving The Office: Gentleman's Strip Club near Miami that left him and two others injured. The shooting occurred on an entrance ramp of I-95 in Miami, where an unknown white Chevy sedan approached the Honda that Santana and his friends were riding in and opened fire. Santana suffered a gun shot wound to the arm. Currently there have been no arrest made.

During Santana's raw interview on Lip Service, he provided more insight on what happened that night. He reveals that due to his previous bookings at the strip club and popular notoriety, many of the staff have "that's Santana, leave him alone" attitude while he's in attendance. However, Santana says he believes that a new security guard was unaware of Santana's social status with the club, and began policing Santana's behavior.

"I had got into it with one of the security guards. I had never seen his face before, so I don't know if he was new or not, but I had got on the mic and I was like, 'Hey, y'all let bra know what time it is for me. Don't come over here harassing me, telling me to stop dancing, telling me to do nothing, like don't platy with me', Santana explained.

"I can't pinpoint nothing that I don't know. Ironically, I got into it with a security guard at the club and then five minutes later my car got shot up."

Santana further explains how his Love and Hip Hop: Miami co-star, Miami Tip aka Tip Drill, used his moment of anguish to spin a possible story-line on the show, saying Santana was behaving disrespectfully and inappropriately at the club, despite repeated warnings. This ultimately caused a social media controversy on who to believe.

"When that shit happened, Plies had tweeted me, um on Twitter was like, 'damn bra, stay up', and after Tip came out with her accusations he deleted his tweet." he began.

"...So that's what I said Love and Hip Hop - I already felt like they like that narrative that we just wild animals and drama out and extra, all gays ain't like that."

He continued, "Like even besides me I got some gays boy that you'll look at and don't even know that they gay. So stop trying to put this stigma on people."

Earlier in the interview Santana was asked if he would return to Love and Hip Hop. In response he explained, "I think the only way I would go back to love and hip hop is if they let me be in control. Like you in control of the narrative but they throw so many curve balls and just do so much extra sh*t."

"When it comes to gays, they like to stick with narrative of we're messy, we're drama out, we're drama filled, we gotta be fuc*ing some down-low man that we gonna expose on tv, liek its so much more to me being a rapper that's also gay than all the drama on Tv. Let's talk about how these labels scared to sign because at first they thought I was a gimmick."

It's safe to say that Santana has definitely proven himself to not be just a gimmick. With his recent debut album, "Pretty Little Gangsta" and its accompanied visuals that referenced iconic films like "Scarface", "Set it Off" and "Straight Out of Compton", it is clear that Santana is looking to be respected as a hip-hop artist.

Watch the full interview of Angela Yee's Lip Service below:

Love and Hip Hop: Starts :40 | Strip Club: Starts 21:00


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