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Rapper Young Buck Confirms He Saw Birdman and Lil Wayne Kiss, "Baby Never Played With Me Like That"

Rapper Young Buck - VLADTV (Screenshot)

Rapper Young Buck, former member of the Hip Hop group G-Unit, confirmed in a recent interview with VLADTV that he saw Cash Money group members Birdman and Lil Wayne kiss.

DJ Vlad asked Young Buck about the infamous picture of Birdman kissing Lil Wayne that surfaced in 2006 and whether that was something he saw regularly throughout the Cash Money crew.

"Yea, I mean Baby never play with me like that. Let me clear that up, you understand what I'm saying. I never seen Baby play with Juvenile like that...but Turk is right...I seen him do it in a playful manner...for me I viewed it as, 'that's them'."

DJ Vlad is not shy about asking his interviewees about their sexuality or sexual escapades on his platform, as for he played a flashback of when he asked rapper Turk, best known for his career at Cash Money Records with the group the Hot Boys, if everyone in Cash Money used to kiss Birdman.

"Man, we all used to do that shit. That was an in-house was just a homeboy thang. They got a lot of clique of niggas [that] might play all kind of games with they niggas in-house...but when the media get to it, they gonna blow it out of proportion, you know how they do it. The only one really ain't used to do that shit was Juvenile, like I say, Juvenile was older. Now till this day I wouldn't do that shit but back then we was was all love man, we had love for each other."

Though fans of hip-hop has struggled to deal with LGBTQ acceptance, it is important to note that despite the picture of Birdman and Lil Wayne kissing being released, it had little to no effect on their careers.

Birdman is quoted saying in an interview with AJ and Free on 106&Park that it "ain't no freaky shit, we just roll like that. I raised him, ya heard me."

The released photo is just a glimpse of what happened on a regular basis, as they both shared a kiss during an episode of Rap City in 2002.

Gaye Flashback

So gayes, we have to ask, do you and your friends have "in-house" greetings like Birdman and Lil Wayne? Is their expression of love for each other gay?

Check Out the Full Interview Below:


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