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Ru Paul's Drag Race, Plastique Tiara, joins "Only Fans!"

This past week Vietnamese drag queen Plastique Tiara announced that she would be joining Only Fans to show her new project. In her highlight on Instagram she explained that the newly released project is considered her "baby".

The Season 11 contestant of "RuPaul's Drag Race" added that the account would show people drag in the way that she wanted it to be perceived and that the team she would be working with was scouted by herself and was excited to show the results of the "blood, sweat, and tears" she had put into it.

Insights of what the Only Fan account would entail show Plastique Tiara posing nude atop furniture dressed in shadow and soft light with sultry music playing. Some fans are more than excited, while others feel she is putting her other projects to the wayside and forgetting about her other fans. On her instagram fans complained that she had deleted a lot of her beauty content to make way for her Only Fans preview and that the old Tiara was "dead".

Plastique Tiara seems to be very passionate about her new project, headlining it, "Welcome to your Fantasy". Who else is curious about what Plastique's Fantasy looks like?


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