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Sade’s Son Izaak Claps Back At Transphobic Instagram Hater

Renowned R&B and Soul singer Sade rose to fame for her iconic voice. Fortunately, the songstress’s fame has passed on to her son Izaak Theo Adu-Watts. The 25-year-old has become an emerging artist and even a thriving modeling career. Izaak has walked the runway alongside Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, Irina Shayk, and the Hadid sisters. Despite having paved the way for himself in the fashion industry, he’s unfortunately faced a lot of scrutiny in his personal life.

Back in 2016, Izaak came out as a transgender male and underwent transitional surgery three years later. Since his surgery, Izaak has faced backlash and criticism from people who have not accepted his sexual identity. Luckily, Izaak has developed a thick skin against the haters. Rather than fight fire with fire, Izaak decided to spread love and not hate towards the internet troll.

Just days before, Izaak updated his Instagram with a photo of himself looking distinguished in a white shirt paired with a cap and another with his dog. Moments after the posts were shared, fans expressed nothing but love for the model. However, one Instagram user @marylandgirl90 took to the comments to express hatred toward Izaak.

In particular, the internet troll wrote in a lengthy post that “no number of surgeries or shots could change his DNA.” According to the user, Izaak still appeared to her as a woman, referring to him as “Femine” and even called him an “IT.”

Even the model’s fans called out the internet troll. Many of them took up arms for Izaak, noting that he has the freedom to live out his life whichever way he chooses. Others deemed the user’s response as “insensitive and out of place.” Some even felt embarrassed for the Instagram user. There was tons of back and forth between Izaak’s fanbase and the user @marylandgirl90. All the while, Izaak himself stood by, having already stated his truth.

Afterall the adversity Izaak has faced, he’s come out stronger on the other side. Izaak made the courageous step to become his true self, when he decided to undergo top surgery in 2019. Top surgery for transgender men is a surgical procedure to remove your breast tissue (subcutaneous mastectomy)

The star model described his Phalloplasty surgery as “physically and emotionally traumatizing.” Even so, he was thrilled about the end results. Not to mention, he appreciated all the support he received from his family. In particular, Izaak thanked his famous mother Sade for supporting him before and after the surgery process.

Not only has Izaak received support from his mother but also from his wife Emily Margaret Shakeshaft. It seemed like once Izaak fit had finally lived his truth, the pieces started to fall into place for the model. The 25-year-ol found love in Shakeshaft who works as a famous hairdresser.

During and after Izaak’s full-body transition in 2019, Shakeshaft reached out to lend her support to the model. Evidently, Shakeshaft’s kind message led the two to an endearing friendship. Their relationship only deepened over FaceTime. Months later, Izaak decided to meet his newfound friend in person by taking a plane from Europe to North America at the time.

After their first in-person meeting, the couple contemplated taking the next step in their relationship. Izaak and Shakeshaft had plans to wed in New York in 2020 but the novel pandemic put everything on hold. Though, it didn’t stop them from expressing their excitement at soon tying the knot. Izaak and Shakeshaft announced their engagement back in May 2020 through a series of social media posts. In particular, Izaak’s fiancé flaunted her tattooed ring finger that read the words “IAW.” In following posts, she boasted about receiving the "fianceé" title.

Watch the Couple Below:

A year later, the couple decided to try their hand at marriage again. Back in April 2021, the couple wed in Hawaii, where they held a small intimate ceremony for only them and Izaak’s mother Sade. Even better, Izaak’s R&B singer of a mother officiated the entire wedding.

While Izaak and Shakeshaft opted for a small wedding ceremony, they certainly brought their A-game with their stylish outfits.

Izaak donned himself in a pair of shorts and a button-down shirt, while Shakeshaft wore a white vintage satin, mini dress and the gladiator sandals to match. To top off their wedding looks, the couple sported the traditional Hawaiian floral garlands. The wedding sounds like a dream come for Izaak.

Clearly, the model has been surrounded by love and support. One negative comment from an internet troll wasn’t enough to make Izaak Adu Theo have a bad day.


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