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Saucy Santana's Former Manager Kendrick Daniel Releases Memoir, Reveals Being Scammed & Shares Tips for Navigating the Music Industry

Updated: Apr 17

Exclusive | Feature Spotlight

Celebrating the release of his first book, Kendrick Daniel exclusively shares with us his life experiences, and the ups and downs of the music industry as Saucy Santana’s former manager and as a man of his own creative endeavors. With his memoir, Daniel unpacks what it looks like for a Black Gay Creative Man.

They Want My Story But They Don’t Want My Fight: My Life's Story to Heal Humanity” is a journey of a Summerville native’s navigation to success, building a tribe around them, and learning from experiences unimaginable. After living in Los Angeles to New York, Daniel now calls Atlanta home.

“Oh man, it's been a journey. I actually never planned on writing a book. Writing wasn't my first language,” Daniel tells us.

“But I started with some insects—and along my spiritual journey I just wanted to be a vessel for others that don’t have the support, resources or tools to help them get through their dark time.”

Yet, the journey to publication has shown the many bumps in the road ahead of this creative.

“I started originally working for a publication and then from there I was like, you know, I felt not appreciated and underpaid,” he said.

“I was going to create my own table and start my own management company. And that's where I had found Saucy Santana on Instagram. He was just doing videos with Carisha. And it was going viral.” Daniel shared his experience previously managing the then up-and-coming artist Saucy Santana. He continued, “Of course, I didn't have a roadmap. I had like, you know, mentors here and there but no one helped me map everything out. You know, I was just my own creative person and his talent alone.”

“It can't be denied, he's a talented artist and he resonates with the people and he's authentic. So, we were able to just start my management company and from there it was just two young Libras just dipping and doing it.” “We was doing it and it was a good time and then from there I started working with someone that was part of the Housewives of Atlanta and then everything just kind of... unfolded from there. Everything got manifested, it just happened. So, it was a good time.”

As a black gay male author, his identity influenced specific experiences in the music industry, both as an author and a talent manager-- facing unique challenges or opportunities related to his Queerness and Blackness. Yet, these experiences shaped Daniel’s first title, and perspective on the industry. From attending and working Fenty Runway Shows to mingling with Atlanta’s and Black Hollywood’s who’s who. “And I'm a protector. I don't speak on so many things that go on behind the scenes. It actually makes me very uncomfortable to do so because it's just my character. So, I’m a very private person," the Summerville native laughed.

Daniel then tells us how he and Saucy Santana were scammed during his time managing the star. We were scammed.-- but karma is a bitch. It comes back and it rolls. I mean, I haven't heard from that person and I don't know what they got going on. You know, I don't keep up with the Joneses. I'm just gonna focus on pressing forward” he whispered.

Similar to his memoir’s expression of resilience, Daniel has not allowed anything to distract him from reaching what he defines as success. “We get blessed in other ways. We get blessed with success. We get blessed with abundance and prosperity,” he smiled.

Addressing comments about the release of his book as a tell-all or exposing previous talent he has worked with, Daniel shuts down claims that his first title is exposing anyone.

“I didn't put my book out for a moment or for clout. I actually released the book for me because I didn't have a Valentine, on Valentine's Day. So, I just wanted to release it on that day but I love love— Valentine's Day is like my favorite thing. So, haven't sent it to anyone directly or at someone” he laughed.

“It was not for my previous clients or for anybody. It was just to heal somebody else based off the things I've been through. When you're authentic and you do things with God first and with good intent, things will just happen” he shared.

From running the Creative Freedom Agency, LLC to previously working with TV personalities like Atlanta Housewife's Nene Leakes and many more. There is more to look for with Kendrick.

“I'm actually working on a project with starting a black gay television network. We are producing a new series, it's called Shadows of Euphoria. We're actually starting a coalition here in Atlanta of black gay filmmakers and creators."

Daniel also provided his insight of what specific skills and qualifications he believes are critical for success in the music industry. “Consistency, longevity, keeping yourself relevant, and quality over quantity. That's what I would say,” he said.

From crafting his title without a marketing team, Kendrick Daniel has raised his voice and contributed his journey to the Black Queer experience with his book. They Want My Story But They Don’t Want My Fight addresses controversial topics like domestic violence, relationships, and other subjects that many people shy away from. Daniel finished with specific aspects of his identity that readers can explore in his writing, and also how these things relate to his role in the music industry. “I've had a lot of people in my life I came across and friends that are in the music industry that just want to be creative but the person they're with doesn't like their life or is not supportive— that could even emotionally abuse you to make you feel like you don't have any emotions. They'll take away your identity and joy,” he said.

With his intuition and great discernment, these tools have served Daniel well as a creative and in his romantic life.

“When I love, there was no love loss. We went through the fire, but I left love. I put that in my book. I love peacefully. I know how to pick someone out,” he smiled.  “I'll go on a date with you and in my body, you don't resonate with my body and my energy, you're not from me. If you want to argue or talk about, you know, me posting, I'm promoting a book. I'm good, baby,” The author said. Stay in the loop with this great author on social media and his official website

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