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Shauna Brooks Calls Out "Delusional" Crossdressers for Confusing the Public

Trans comedian and online sensation Shauna Brooks had a lot to say about a viral meme on Twitter displaying a "butch trans woman" claiming that "trans women don't owe you hyper-femininity" and that they "don't have to shave, wear makeup or physically transition" in order to be taken seriously.

Shauna took to Instagram to share her opinion on the topic saying, "Yeah trans is an umbrella and the transvestites & cross dressers fall under the category. In which you may stand with us in solidarity as a trans person/trans individual. Hell I'm lying...Sus, You can't sit with us."

She concludes her rant, by saying, " MEN that are QUESTIONING, CROSS DRESSERS & “NON BINARY” QUEER people. STOP confusing the PUBLIC with your DELUSIONAL thoughts that sends this type of message to the public that, we transwomen are in fact DELUSIONAL."

Read her full post below:

Of course, due to her opinion she has received a bit of push back in her comment section. Either way, do you think her opinion is valid or do you believe that butch trans women exists?


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