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Todrick Hall Admits If Lamar Odom Was to Date a Guy, "He Would Date Me" on Celebrity Big Brother

Lamar Odom and Todrick Hall on Celebrity Big Brother

Gayes, it looks like we may have some context on why Lamar Odom is pressed with Todrick Hall. Lamar and 36-year-old YouTuber turned singer Todrick Hall had a ‘little thing’ - well, ‘bromance’ while on Celebrity Big Brother! (Watch Video Below)

The 42-year-old retired NBA star took to Instagram late Monday to share a post following him being booted off the show in the first part of the double eviction episode as he sat next to former Real Housewife Cynthia Bailey.

He was nominated by Head of Household Todrick Hall who was taking a lot of heat on social media for the things he said on camera, which surprised Lamar when he left the house.

Todrick Hall and Lamar Odom on Celebrity Big Brother

In Lamar’s post it read, "You should have played Chess Not checkers Todrick."

"So I was booted off of @bigbrothercbs by my fake friend Todrick," he captioned. "He should have been a bit more strategic as he must have forgotten I get a jury vote for the winner!"

Now, a clip from a recent episode is going viral on TikTok of Todrick Hall admitting that “if Lamar Odom was to date a guy, it would be me.”

Perhaps Lamar Odom was taken aback when he got sent home, calling Todrick a ‘fake friend’ and that he “never heard of Todrick before ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in a recent interview with CBS.

Maybe this was a failed bromance, but either way - we hope these two can work it out. After all, its just for $250K.

Watch the Clip via our Instagram Below:


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