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Transwoman Chanel Scurlock Murdered, Found Shot and Thrown in a Field

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Lumberton, NC resident, Chanel Scurlock (Avery Scurlock), 23, was found shot to death in a field late last night on June 5th, according to WRAL News. Around midnight a report of shots fired were reported around Old Tower Rd. just outside of Lumberton.

Authorities said when they found her body, she was wearing a black do-rag, shorts, false eyelashes, a black bra and red Elmo bedroom slippers.

Robeson County officials interviewed the family where they claimed she was supposed to be meeting up with someone online who had taken her social media page down.

It is unclear if Chanel's family accepted her transition, as for they mis-gendered her during their interview. They were however aware of her lifestyle, stating that Avery came out two years ago and began dressing as a woman.

"I knew of his lifestyle, yes. ...I told Avery to stay off this internet stuff and all this stuff because it was dangerous." said Chanel's mother Brenda Scurlock. "His friend was like 'Avery don't go meet him'. I was surprised he would go meet someone who took that page down because that's a red flag right there."

Chanel's car, a white 2016 Ford Fusion SE, was found late that afternoon but her cellphone is still missing.

"You will get caught so you might as well turn yourself in. You killed my son. You might've killed my son but you didn't take his spirit from us," said.

According to WRAL News, a suspect may be in custody, however the case is still developing.

Chanel is the ninth trans woman this year to have been loss. Condolences go out to all the victims and their families.

Watch a clip below: (Full Video Click Here)

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