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Ts Madison's Father Describes Her Becoming Transgender as a "Freaky Thing" in Latest Episode

In Thursday's new episode of The Ts Madison Experience, Madison confronts her father after being estranged for nearly five to six years to discuss her gender identity. The two share an intimate moment on a park bench as Madison’s father opens up about Madison’s transition calling it a, “freaky thing”.

American entertainer, internet personality and LGBTQIA activist, Madison Hinton aka Ts Madison has been open and candid ever since the debut of her new reality show. As the first trans woman in history to ever star and executive produce her own reality show, Madison's new series highlights her journey as an openly transgender influencer as she finds her path not only through her career but her personal life as well. As expected from most reality shows, viewers are let in to see the pretty and sometimes the not so pretty moments of a celebrities life.

When it comes to her father, she admits that while the two have not spoken in some time now, she still is open and willing to build a relationship with him.

Madison kicks off the conversation by asking him flat out, “how do you feel right now?” in which he replies “that’s hard to answer right now because it’s been all these years.”

She takes it upon herself to allow both of them to reintroduce themselves as she reveals that she’s never referred to her father as “dad” or “pops”. She proceeds to ask him what he would like to be called by her in which he settles on “pops”.

We reach the climax of this heart-to-heart in which Madison extends her hand and replies,

“Hi, I’m no longer Tim. I’m Ts Madison. How you doing, pops?”

Madison opens up about her father in a confessional stating, “My dad is really...something.” She explains that she’s not necessarily sure how this meeting will go between the two but explains to the camera that it could potentially turn into something violent or end up being “okay”.

Watch a sneak peek of the interview below!

The two both share a hand shake in which her father admits that it’s weird for him being the fact that they never shared a father-son relationship as he claims he was “robbed of the experience”, making no distinction as to who is to blame.

He goes on to state how difficult it was for him to accept Madison transitioning.

“When you came out of the closet, I don’t know what occurred, something had to occur for you to just all of a sudden change like that. It’s a freaky feeling, it’s a freaky thing period, to see your child transform.”

He proceeds stating, “it’s not easy to accept you you became” in which Madison interrupts the awkward word choice and blatantly asks, “A woman?” With no hesitation Madison’s father replies, “yeah” as Madison looks taken aback.

If you missed the exchange between the two on WE tv, be sure to download the WE tv app so you can watch the entire interview unfold.

Watch the cast of the TS Madison Experience Recap the Episode Below:


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