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Vinny & Kelan Watson Partner with Rapper Quavo to Open New LGBTQ-Friendly Atlanta Restaurant & Sports Bar, V12

Updated: May 3

Exclusive | Entertainment News

Vinny Watson, Kelan Watson & Quavo | Photo Credit: ATL Pics

Restaurateurs Vinny and Kelan Watson, renowned for their establishment Sovereign Sweets, have joined forces with award-winning Migos' rapper, Quavo, to introduce Atlanta's latest culinary sensation – V12 Restaurant and Sports Bar.

Situated at 610 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308, opposite the iconic Varsity landmark in downtown Atlanta, V12 promises an unparalleled service experience in an ambiance that effortlessly merges sophistication with warmth.

Boasting a chef-inspired menu that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary flavors using only the finest ingredients, V12 aims to redefine the dining and sports entertainment scene in the city.

Gaye Magazine was personally invited and granted an exclusive opportunity to delve into the vision behind V12 directly from sibling co-founders Vinny and Kelan Watson. In a candid conversation, the duo reiterated their commitment to fostering an LGBTQ+-friendly environment, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and safety within the establishment.

Gaye Magazine's NappiBoi w/ V12 Co-Founders Kelan & Vinny Watson
Gaye Magazine's NappiBoi w/ V12 Co-Founders Kelan & Vinny Watson

"What the world more love," Kelan Watson began.

"Just like with V12...we offer the love art, the love of sports, the love of music - so no matter what your sexuality is you can come here. If I'm gay or straight, I feel like that shouldn't matter...that's why I do really look up to my brother in the way we were able to have sovereign sweets and have people from all backgrounds come together and party."

Vincent "Vinny" Watson, shares with us that the opening of his restaurant is a "blessing", revealing that his biggest goal as a Black openly gay business owner was to "create a space where people regardless of their sexuality or their walk of life could come together and feel and be treated as VIPs alike".

"If [V12] wasn't a space that was safe for my community then, what am I doing?" Vinny Watson said.
Photo Credit: ATL Pics

"I want to create memorable experiences for the community. I want to expose the community to new things and to new ways of thinking and partying because in Atlanta... you don't really get to have a mixed [crowd] like how it is at Sovereign."

Sovereign Sweets Atlanta, a dessert and cocktail bar owned by both Kelan & Vinny, became an Atlanta hotspot amongst the LGBTQ+ community and beyond thanks to Vinny's leadership as operations manager. The venue was the first to infuse and maintain premium service with Black queer and heterosexual guests.

"I know this is all about V12, but shout out to Sovereign, because Sovereign really was the starting point for this to happen. Sometimes people would be bothered by someone because of their sexual preference, but they come in Sovereign and we don't have those issues. They know that it is not tolerated there and it won't be accepted. The groundwork that we laid was very firm but fair. At V12 we will keep in alignment with that.

The success of their restaurant Sovereign Sweets attracted award-winning rapper and Migos group member Quavo to join as a partner for V12.

Kelan tells Gaye Magazine that Quavo frequented Sovereign Sweets, eventually sharing with her that he felt at home and was very impressed with the level of hospitality he received.

"It got to the point where we started to discuss what we were doing next and I told him we have an upscale sports bar we were workin on. He was like, "What! Without me? I'm sports! Why wouldn't yawl include me?"

Kelan continued, "We then at that point sat down and realized that Quavo had a strong business acumen and was really good partner so we went with it!"

V12 Grand Opening
Photo Credit: ATL Pics

When asked if V12 plans to have dedicated LGBTQ+ parties or events during this year's Black Global Pride, Vinny and Kelan agreed in unison immediately, "We are open for all!"

The grand opening of V12 witnessed a star-studded affair, with luminaries including Joseline Hernandez, T.I., 2 Chainz, Sheree Whitfield, and Demetria McKinney in attendance.

City of Atlanta’s Commissioner Natalie Hall and South Fulton’s Councilwoman Carmalitha L. Gumbs graced the occasion with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the dawn of a new era in Atlanta's culinary landscape.

Spread across a sprawling 7,500-square-foot area, V12 boasts two exclusive private rooms – ‘The Kelan’ and ‘The Vinny’ – each accommodating up to 30 guests and offering VIP service.

The venue is adorned with furniture sourced from the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy, accentuated by sleek metals, local artworks, and a retractable roof. A notable centerpiece, a Lamborghini, reminiscent of Quavo's performance of 'Lamb Talk' on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show, adds to the venue's allure.

Emphasizing inclusivity and community, V12 is equipped with over 20 state-of-the-art TVs, ensuring an immersive sports-watching experience for patrons. Additionally, valet service and self-parking facilities are available to enhance guests' convenience.

Reflecting on the endeavor, Kelan Watson, co-owner of V12, expressed, “V12 will create moments in Atlanta’s history where the world of spectators and epicureans collide. Come, join us for the V12 experience.”

Echoing his sentiments, Vinny Watson, co-founder of V12, shared, “It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to create something on this scale, and I feel incredibly blessed to watch the vision come to life. My team and I have been obsessing over every single detail. I am certain that our guests will create unforgettable memories at V12. It is going to be EPIC.”

Photo Credit: ATL Pics


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