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New Video Game Released: You Win By Killing LGBT People and Illegal Aliens

This is not a drill. We repeat. This is not a drill. #Gayes there is a lot we have seen, but Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day takes the gold on this one.

Produced by - we kid you not- 2Genderz Productions, the developers advertised their work as for the "oppressed minorities of the world - epic gamers" Since we have no desire to play the game priced at 14.99, we're going to go ahead and break it down for you.

The "About Us"

The video game production company is relatively new and came out in 2018. They described their obstacles and success:

"Despite us experiencing numerous setbacks and de-platforming from third party services during the development phase, such as payment processors and web hosting denying us their services due to complaints and various petitions started by non-gamers and individuals suffering from severe autism, we still managed to successfully release Jesus Strikes Back: Judgment Day."

Most importantly for the gaming company, they expressed their goal as being a safe-space for "real gamers".

"As every other game studio in the West steeps into utter degeneracy by yielding to far-left outrage mobs and angry verified Twitter users, we will continue to develop real games."


The game is set in 2028 during the “New World Order” it is run by a “Homosexual billionaire reptilian satanists George Sorrows and Mark Cuckerberg, who are the president and vice-president of the USA. A strict communist regime is immediately implemented across the USA, resulting in millions of deaths, the collapse of the economy and the end of free speech. The constitution is ripped to shreds and replaced with the decree of 74853769 genders.”

The game further explains that the New World Order came about because N. Peelosee and others “unleash a powerful army of radical illegal aliens upon the global population who swiftly spread from city to city pillaging all in their path, looting and raping EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in sight. Not a woman, child, or goats asshole is spared... All straight conservative males are rounded up by the thousand and sent to death camps.” Now with the return of the main character J.C. he fights with other characters Tromp, Pootin, Dolph and others.

Gamers can pick many characters, all of them alluding to prominent historical figures, to go through the New World killing LGBT people and liberals to bring back the old world and save heterosexuality. The ultimate boss to kill is named Noseberg Shekelstein.


It is hard for some to grasp how this game may have gained traction, however the copyright shows that they are in conjunction with First Amendment Studios and Facts and Logic Inc.

This small niche also seems to have an 80% approval rate on google ratings. Some say video games are dangerous, some say video games are just games, but #Gayes, what does this game say to you?


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