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Young MA Responds to Kodak Black Saying He'd Smash

Looks like Young Ma and Kodak Black had a few words for each other ever since Kodak's lyrics from his song "Pimpin' Aint Eazy" went viral on social media. In the song he says, "I'm fuckin' Young M.A., long as she got a coochie. Say she got the strap and the toolie. Say she put the crack in her booty."

The song actually target multiple female rappers, including Dej Loaf and Missy Elliott. Young Ma later took to Instagram live and responded to the song saying, "Yawl ni**as is weird...obviously the ni**a is on some shit!" She then said she'd pull up on Kodak in order to squash any whatever conflict they may have. Check out a snippet of her response below.

But it didn't stop there. Kodak later took to Instagram and spoke even more about the situation asking, "How you a girl but don't want your pu**y penetrated?"

Young MA later denounced the entire so called "feud" that fans were trying to claim they were having on another IG live interview.

Either way, we hope this entire ordeal can be simply shrugged off as being creative expression through music. However, many have criticized the song as being disrespectful towards lesbian women. Perhaps, or maybe it's simply a weird spin-off version of "Dreams" by Notorious BIG. Check out the full song and listen for yourself.


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