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Zion Wade's Older Brother Clapsback at Social Media Homophobes

As some of you may know, Gabrielle Union-Wade and Dwyane Wade are very supportive of their son, Zion, who is a member of the LGBT community.Earlier this year, Gabrielle and other family members even attended Miami Beach Pride to further show support for him.

Regardless of the naysayers and the backlash on social media, they continued to be a tight-knit, prideful and unbothered family.On Thanksgiving Day, Gabrielle posted a beautiful family picture with their son, and as usual, people on social media had a lot to say about his appearance. Dwyane Wade was quick to clap back and let people know he stands behind his son 100%. However, not only did Dwyane come to his son’s defense, Zaire Wade, Zion’s older brother, also spoke about the situation earlier today, letting it be known that he too, stands behind Zion.

Shout out to the Wades for their continuous love & support for not only their son, but the LGBT community as a whole!


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