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Da Brat and BB Judy Planning to Get Married on "Twosday", 2-22-22

BB Judy (Left) Da Brat (Right) - via Instagram

Power couple Jesseca "BB Judy" Dupart and Da Brat have officially announced their “intended” wedding date for “Twosday”, 2/22/22.

The 22nd day of the 2nd month of the year 2022 will fall on a Tuesday, thus creating a robust "twosday."

Judy shared via Instagram that they have been struggling to find a venue for the date and have not yet sent out invitations. She reassured that they both, in addition to their wedding planner, have “faith that all will pull together in time”.

According to, 22222 signifies being on the right path towards attaining spiritual enlightenment. The angel number also conveys a message of stability and harmony along with a plethora of other positive attributes relating to a person’s love life and career.

Gaye previously reported BB Judy asking Da Brat’s hand in marriage on their reality TV show “#BratLovesJudy” in August 2022. According to Judy, Brat hesitantly accepted but it wasn’t on the day she initially proposed. The couple thankfully had an important conversation about their finances due to Brat not wanting to place her financial challenges on their relationship so soon.

Gayes, let’s wish them luck! 🙏🏽❤️👭🏽💍🤞🏽


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