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Every Runway Look From the 2023 Andro Fashion Show: "COLOURS"

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Fashion | Exclusive (Photos)

2023 COLOURS Andro Fashion Show - Photo: Tyrus Davis (@tdvisualarts)

This Saturday, September 23, Kia & Co. Entertainment presented “COLOURS: The Andro Fashion Show”. Hosted by Kia Comedy, the show was held at renowned film director and producer Des Gray's very own Collab Studios ATL.

The Andro Fashion Show is the first show to be intentionally centered on androgynous and masculine presenting queer women and men of color. The event featured varying degrees of fashion as well as live music, aimed to represent and embrace the unique faces that diversify the LGBTQ community and its allies.

Check Out the Looks Exclusively Below!

Photography provided by: Tyrus Davis (@tdvisualarts)

Des Gray and Kia Comedy at the 2023 Andro Fashion Show COLOURS
Des Gray (Collab Studios ATL) | Kia Comedy (Host)


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