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Gaye Magazine's Top 5 Christmas Gifts to Get Your Partner (He/Him Edition)

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Courtesy of @ourboystory (IG) | Photo: @wesleylately (IG)

With Christmas quickly approaching, anxiety is at an all time high as we’re scrambling to find those last minute Christmas gifts for Mr. right. Whether you’ve made the classic mistake of waiting too long to start your shopping or you got a picky man at home, we’re glad to tell you that your long search has come to an end!

Check Out Our 2020 Christmas Gift Recommendations Below: (P.S: None of our gift ideas are sponsored, just genuine love and support!)

1) Kahh Spence Beauty's Unisex Fragrance and Candles

One thing about us here at Gaye, we love a great gender-neutral scent! That's why to kick off our Top 5 Christmas gifts we're recommending the gayes check out celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert Kahh Spence's unisex fragrance line and scented candles.

Kahh Spence Beauty is a Black, LGBT-owned brand founded in efforts to blend beauty and luxury on an affordable level. The Los Angeles based company boasts being an all-inclusive beauty and lifestyle brand, as for their unisex fragrance SPENCE sells as their flagship product.

No matter how your significant other identifies, SPENCE helps encourage throwing gender stigmas out the window, all while having your boo smelling their best with its vanilla base blended with sweet tropics and florals. The 1.7 fl oz Eau De Parfum retails for just $40, and it goes a long way without the need to be heavy handed on the spritz.

The brand’s new SCENTED candle & diffuser set serves as a bonus to bring Kahh’s signature fragrance into your home. The SCENTED candle collection has already sold out, but the unisex parfum is still currently available. So gayes, hurry over to and place an order! You can stay updated on their upcoming products and promotions by following them on Instagram.


2) Bautumn's Organic Cleansing Soap Kit

The Bautumn Kit is the perfect gift for tops or vers guys to give their loved one for the holidays! We’re sure the gayes might giggle at the initial thought of gifting an enema to their boo, but the Bautumn Kit is sure to make everyone happy at the end of the day, especially during those hot and intimate moments.

Bautumn is a Black LGBT-owned intimate hygiene company created for men and women who practice anal sex. The company exclusively tells Gaye that their company was founded to bring awareness to anal hygiene by creating simple, honest organic and all-natural products.

“We believe in creating a space where people can feel confident inside and out. This is only the beginning of so many products to come,” Bautumn states to Gaye via email.

Bautumn Intimate Hygiene Solutions’ product kits include a matte black enema with a discrete satin travel bag and a cleansing soap specially formulated to rinse the anal cavity before indulging in anal sex. Bautumn’s products are 100% natural and alcohol and saline free, which they proudly claim will not have your partner worrying about feeling dry after.

Simply fill your enema bulb with lukewarm water, add 1 dropper full of Bautumn’s Organic Cleansing Soap to the enema bulb, rinse the anal cavity, and repeat as needed. Created from a perfect blend of toxin-free, organic vegetable oils and natural essential oils, their cleansing soap is very concentrated, so it is noted that a little goes a long way.

Go ahead and purchase a Christmas gift that’ll keep your loved one’s booty happy. Visit to browse their assorted kits and learn more about their organic ingredients via their FAQ page and Instagram.


3) Underwear from Adonis by Kyhry

This last minute Christmas gift may just serve as a present for both you and that special man in your life. During the holidays, there’s no shame in spicing up your love life and Adonis by Kyhry may just be the thing you’re looking for.

Adonis is a global men’s swimwear and designer men’s underwear line that features products like sexy jockstraps, briefs, bikinis and boxer trunks that ships worldwide. Adonis underwear has grabbed the attention of many with over 2,000 positive reviews and has even caught the eye of several celebrities.

Many have raved on about their comfort and support that caters to all sizes along with the numerous colors to choose from. Most importantly, it’s very affordable in comparison to many other male underwear lines.

Founder of Adonis Underwear - Kyhry

It’s fair to say that Kyhry Taylor who is both the CEO and creative director of the men’s line never looked back once launching his collection in May of 2015. As the company began to take off and the demand for their products increased, they made the decision to continue creating their own products to put focus solely on the quality and design of their products, all while being intentional in sizing for all styles.

“Men should feel just as sexy in their underwear as a woman feels in their lingerie”, Kyhry states in his bio on Amazon.

Adonis Underwear by Kyhry - Pride Cdllection

At Gaye Magazine, we strive to display diversity that bridges the gap between all walks of life and when it comes to Adonis by Kyhry, it’s clear to see that sexy does not discriminate. Kyhry provides a look for every man, so be sure to head over to and find that perfect piece to make your man feel like a king this Christmas! Keep a lookout for new styles by following them on Instagram.


4) Muvez

They say all good things come in threes and that’s certainly the case when it comes to the third product on our list! We all know there’s nothing more comfortable than a good pair of slippers but it’s hard to trust it’s durability when we’re out and about running errands or just taking care of business in the great outdoors.

Thankfully, Muvez (pronounced as 'moves') has taken all of our concerns and has turned it into one of the most adaptable slippers you’ve ever seen! Muvez have a perfectly collapsible heel that makes putting it on just as easy as any regular slipper and when you’re ready to take on the day, you can slip on the EVA outsoles in one simple step and go conquer the world.

The EVA soles are specifically made to not only be durable but waterproof, so no matter what the weather forecast says, you know you’re in good hands (or feet)!

Aside from its sturdiness, washing this versatile footwear is just as simple as throwing it in the washer machine for a quick rinse cycle and it's as good as new. These lightweight slippers use material that is breathable while the convertible grips provide enhanced traction due to it’s rubber grips. Moreover, when you’re looking to get a little more creative, the outsoles are interchangeable with any slipper so you can mix and match different colors to compliment whatever you decide to throw on for the day.

Co-founders Eric and Ryan Cruz, who happen to be brothers, launched their company in October of 2019 right after they successfully began their Kickstarter campaign where they were able to raise nearly $40,000. Since then, their dreams quickly became a reality and their business quickly took off.

In fact, it was just this past year that Muvez was featured on the American reality series, Shark Tank where they received major attention and has even gained approval from NBA Phoenix Suns where he referred to the footwear as “real sturdy and real sleek”, according to his statement on the Muvez website.

But wait, there’s more...from now until Christmas, Muvez will be having a holiday sale where you can get 15% off of any purchase! Check out and cop a pair for your man before it’s too late!


5) Manscaped

If you're in rush to get that last minute Christmas gift that is guaranteed to deliver blissful joy to your man, it’d be in your best interest to add Manscaped products to your man’s Christmas gift list. Our team has been fans of Manscaped since discovering it on Shark Tank. In fact, our Editor in Chief K. Keith proudly boasts how great their trimmers and ball deodorant are.

Manscaped has quickly taken over its competitors as one of the leading men’s grooming kits with items such as trimmers, hair and body wash, deodorant and toner. Since making its debut back in 2016 by CEO Paul Tran and co-founder Steve King, it’s impossible for Manscaped not to be mentioned when discussing men’s hygiene.

Manscaped - Courtesy of Gary Lavard @garylavard (IG)

Their products are effective for pretty much anywhere on the body (even the parts where the sun doesn't shine), utilizing specifically designed tools to get the job done.

While the companies prioritize male grooming and hygiene, it’s certainly not their focus. The success of their company would not be the same without their lightheartedness and humor that goes into selling their products. In doing so it breaks the barrier of hesitation and builds a level of trust that makes it feel as if you’re buying something off of a friend in contrast to a business.

When first entering the hygiene business, they quickly realized that while females had every product to attain to their needs, men did not have the same luck. It wasn’t difficult to tell that before Manscaped came into the picture there wasn’t much of a focus on men in hygiene, and the whole idea of hygienic products for men was neglected. Both Tran and King have highlighted the importance of male hygiene and their mission aligns with our values. Shining light on underrepresented communities across the globe is not just a trend, it's now the standard.

With that being said, head over to and take advantage of their holiday sale where you can receive 10% off on your entire order plus free shipping for a limited time only!

Gayes, we hope you enjoyed and found value in our Top 5 Christmas gift recommendations for 2020. Check back next year as for this marks the beginning of a new tradition!


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