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Rapper Offset Kicks Off Paris Fashion Week Debuting Clothing Collection Laundered Works Corp

Cardi B, Offset, Chaz Jordan | Getty Images

Offset is showing us his sick fashion design skills for the first time during Paris Fashion Week, and his wife Cardi B is right alongside him in the front row cheering & supporting her husband. This came as no surprise as we knew that the show for his clothing company Laundered Works Corp was going to be such a huge success. Offset designed the collection in collaboration with creative director Chaz A. Jordan, the designer behind high-end street-wear label Ih Nom Uh Nit.

"A lot of my friends have come to support us, and we’ve got big influence,” Offset said backstage after the show to WWD. “We always touch the fashion in the whole world, with the culture of everything. We always bring the culture with us.”

Offset and Chaz Jordan | via Instagram - @chazajordan

He went on to speak about collaborating with his longtime friend Chaz Jordan,

“We’ve known each other about three years, about a year on this project. I had a tour, he’d been busy trying to get his thing going, and we finally made time,” Offset said.

“We’re at the top of the game, we want to come back again in September,” he continued, confirming that the collaboration is not intended to be a one-off. “We’re trying to come in with our own swag.”

Chaz Jordan also released a statement saying, “We touch everything from street up to high fashion, that’s what we’re bringing in, at a contemporary and below price point, still hitting the same factories, manufactured in Florence, manufactured in France, as well as Los Angeles. We have some exciting things coming up.”

Cardi made a fabulous entrance at the last minute, strutting down the aisle of the American Cathedral in a mesmerizing — full head-cover & face mask & diamanté clad balaclava, faux-fur coat with extensive train and sheer bodysuit and long red stiletto nails. She also took to Instagram to congratulate her husband on his successful show.


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