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The Andro Fashion Show Announces Tickets, LGBTQ+ Designer Lineup & "COLOURS" Theme

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Fashion | Exclusive

This Saturday, September 23, Kia & Co. Entertainment will present “COLOURS: The Andro Fashion Show”. Taking place at renowned film director and producer Des Gray's very own Collab Studios ATL, the event will feature varying degrees of fashion as well as live music, aimed to represent and embrace the unique faces that diversify the LGBTQ community and its allies.

The Andro Fashion Show is the first show to be intentionally centered on androgynous and masculine presenting queer women and men of color.

Hosted by Kia Comedy and Super Dope Q, “COLOURS” is the 9th season of the fashion show series. Dj Excel is curating the music, along with Kaelyn Kastle and 2amRicky taking the stage with live performances.


Just like any other demographic, the LGBTQ community can carry stereotypes. More specifically, the reoccurring subject of what a “gaye” or “queer” individual should embody. Kia Barnes, founder of Kia & Co., has her own perspective and is utilizing her platform to showcase all parts.

“The future is androgynous,” Barnes shared with Gaye Magazine. “I’m extremely excited to kick off the 9th season of the Andro Fashion Show at Collab Studios!”

With the success of previous shows including “Dapper, “Ice”, and “Allure”, The Andro Fashion Show has toured in Atlanta, Washington D.C., Miami, and New Orleans.

Clothing lines to be featured in the show include Humble Sole Society, Kaleidoscope, La Lumiere, Dapper, House of Devarcia, and My Feet Sick. Barnes also says we can expect to see two transgender men working the runway.

“We’re celebrating queer culture and the trans community with an array of streetwear, athleisure, and high fashion looks,” Barnes exclaimed. "I can’t wait to see the Andro models rip the runway!”

Tickets are now on sale, purchase here.


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