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Young Buck Claims 50 Cent Used Him Being "Catfished" by Trans Woman to Distract from Legal Battle

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck has finally addressed the rumors surrounding his dealings with a transgender woman in a tell all interview with DJ Vlad. Many of the rumors were instigated by 50 Cent over the years, in which Young Buck claims was a distraction from his legal battle he had with him not paying royalty checks.

If you are not aware of all the rumors that transpired over the years we'll be taking a trip down memory lane. During Young Buck's interview on VladTV, he claims that he was catfished by a trans woman after a viral video surfaced of him receiving fellatio from a transgender woman, who went by the name Glamour Purfek.

"It's clearly a situation where they were using [the video] to try and set me up for whatever reason or whatever they was trying to do,” he continued. “Because when I seen this shit, I could see the way the camera angles were set up, but there was nothing that came from that. It was me getting out of the room honestly thinking that it was a fucking set-up from a bitch because nothing came from it."

It's particularly interesting to hear Young Buck claim he was catfished, as for there is a recording of him pleading Glamour Purfek to get rid of the interview and to issue a statement saying that she lied. Glamour has also been seen publicly stating that she knew him for 3 years, and that they had a long-term relationship since meeting in Nashville.

In the video recording, Young Buck is heard telling Glamour that he would pay her two thousand dollars to take down the video because "people are getting hurt" and that "bullets are flying".

Check It Out Below:

Glamour Purfek ultimately ended apologizing for the video leak.

“First, I would like to start by apologizing to David [Buck], his family, friends, anyone who has been offended or hurt by the video that was recently posted upon my page. Unfortunately, I haven’t had access to my page for over a week.”

After the video surfaced, Young Buck was constantly tormented by 50 Cent and others for having sexual relations with a trans woman. Upon initially hearing that others were claiming he was gay, he took to Instagram in rage.

Gaye Flashback:

Young Buck further claims in his recent interview with DJ VLad that 50 Cent used this entire situation to distract the public from his legal battle. According to VladTV, Buck said the transgender situation gave 50 leverage to mask their real issues. He revealed that Sound Exchange, a company that issues payments for music royalties, contacted 50 and informed him that they would be sending Buck his royalty checks directly instead of to G-Unit.

Buck says this caused 50 to block Buck on communication channels and started sending YouTube and iTunes cease and desist letters to prevent Buck from releasing music. He added that 50 was holding the solo album Buck owed over his head but denied the record once Buck turned it in.

To put the icing on the cake, below is an interview that Glamour Perfek did with YouTuber Geisha1Fan, where she revealed intimate details on how exactly Young Buck and she met. Tell us your thoughts?


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